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Hot Stamping Machine

We have gained a noteworthy position in the national market for presenting our clients with an enormous range of Hot Stamping Machines. They are used for catering the needs of printing applications in which pre-dried ink of foils, at high temperatures are transferred to different surfaces. The machines are environment friendly as do not cause any kind of pollution. They can be used to print in different colors and can be customized as per the user's requirements. These machines have a rugged structure, resistance to physical impact, industrial based tensile strength and corrosion proof body that help in increasing their demand on a regular basis. The Hot Stamping Machines can be availed in diverse features to fulfill the necessary needs of customers.
Product Image (VTR-W150)

Roll on Hot Foiling machine

Price: 250000 INR/Unit

Modal No - VTRF-250G is Semi-automatic Specially Designed for Modular Switches This machine can also print Round article Very easy to Operate, Fast Production, Low maintenance & High Results. Features:- •Required 220v single phale •Adjustable Cylinder Stroke •Specially Compact degisn •Digital control •Pneumatic operated •Easy leaveling of hot plate •Automatic foil winding •Y axis slider is used in bottom for easy settings Application •Swith border •Degisner Modular Switchs •lunch box •Thermos •Casserole •any round article upto 10kg •Pet Bottel •Dustbin •Hot Pot •Bucket.....ETC Dimension 6ft. H × 4ft w × 4ft L Weight 550kg •Industry where machine used- •Industry where machine used- Modular Switches | HOUSEHOLD I COSMETIC CAP I PAINT BUCKET/PAIL I CAP CLOSURE I OIL & GREASE BUCKET IGift CAP CLOSURE I STATIONERY I JEWERLY BOX I OPTICAL CASE I WEDDING CARD I VISITING CARD I LEATHER ITEMS I SWITCHES I LOGO PRINTING I GIFT I WATCHES I FAN RING I WRITING INSTRUMENTS I

Product Image (VTFS-150)

Top Hot Foil Stamping Machine

Price: 120000 INR/Unit

MACHINE SPECIFICATIONS AND FEATURES Modal No - VTFs-150G is Semi-automatic, Specially Designed for Flat Article like Toothbrush, Hangle, Jewelry Box, Spectacle box and any flat article. Very easy to Operate, Fast Production, Low maintenance & Best Results. Features:- Required 220v Single Phase Adjustable Cylinder Stroke Compact Design Digital Control Pneumatic operated Easy leaveling of hot plate Automatic foil winding X and Y slider is used in bottom for easy settings Application:- Pvc cards Visiting cards Jewellery box Notebook Toothbrush Optical case Name plate Labels Dimension:- 4ft. Height — 2.5ft Width— 2.5ft Length Weight 150kg

Product Image (VTM-100S)

Manual Hot Stamping Machine

Price: 22000 INR/Unit

This is Small Manual Hand operated foil stamping machine. It is very easy to carry and work. It can print upto 3 inch plate size printing. M S body with long life and no maintenance Cost.

Product Image (VTRS-150s)

Hot Stamping Round Object Machine

Price: 300000 INR/Unit

VTRS-150S specially designed for foiling on round cylindrical shape article. Machine operate on Pneumatic system. Give accurate result . This is very unique machine we have designed with very less maintenance and lowest running cost. It is used for foiling on Plastic Household product like Water Bottle, Jug, Jar, Container, Casserole, Paint Bucket, Tub, dustbin, Hair Clips, Fans, and Electrical Swiches.

Product Image (VTRG-200g)

Hot Stamping Machine for Cosmetic Cap

Price: 210000 INR/Unit

This Hot Stamping Machine is used for foiling Cosmetic Caps, Pharma Caps and bottle caps. Operating system of this machine is based on pneumatic System. It is very easy to handle and used for large scale production.

Product Image (VTDM-350g)

Hot Stamping machine for Multi Shape Article

Price: 375000 INR/Unit

VTDM-350G machine designed for foiling on irregular and multi shape article printing. This is most successful product of Velpro Technologies. Application - Heat Transfer Or Foiling Irregular Shapes Article. This can print any Plastic Round Article Up To 10lit/ Other Shapes Article Up To 5 . It Can Print Flat Surface also like Electrical Switches. This is design specially for Square, Rectangular, Oval, Hexagon, Octagon shape foiling. This machine is work on Programmable logic Circuit ( PLC). It gives accuracy at the this of printing/foiling.

Product Image (VTHS-100M)

Manual Pneumatic Foil Stamping Machine

Price: 50000 INR/Piece

Pneumatic Hot Stamping Machine for Logo stamping on articles like Paper, Leather, Spectacle box, Jewelry box, Wooden and any flat article etc. Machines available as per customer needs for example -3x3 inch plate , 4x4 inch plate & 6x4 inchplate.

Product Image (VTFS-150s)

Hot Stamping Flat Machine

Price: 250000 INR/Unit

Hot Stamping machine design for Flat shape article foiling for e g Electrical switches, photo frame and paper. Machine available 10 inch plate and 12 inch plate size. USP of this machine is safety. Very easy to operate.


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